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Xiaowen got his interest back from his university time in playing Guitar and practiced this classical Guitar music from last October.

Leonard is a 4-and-half-year old boy. He started participated HomeDeport's KIDSWorkshop in 2019 and he has completed 16 projects.

Andy and Stella built their backyard all by themselves last summer starting from the end of April to June. They have completed a deck, a patio, a lawn and a garden. 

Qiyan started to practice Ukulele during the pandemic. She recorded this Ukulele performance accomplished with vocal in King's Park last Spring.  

When the pandemic started and Harry started to work at home and began to research and learn how to set up a planted aquarium tank. He recorded the incremental steps and progress of this amazing fish tank since March 2020.  

Tibetan Plateau is a Chinese folk song by Qianyi Zhang, it is originally written for sopranos. The original key ends with a B, however, Xi Yin decided to sing it 1.5 tones higher and end with a high D!

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