About Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Chinese Members Chapter

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Chinese Members Chapter was established by a group of enthusiastic Chinese originated registered professional engineers in 2013. One of the primary objectives of the Chapter is to assist, support, and provide mentorship for members to become registered professional engineers with the Association. The Chapter currently consists of over 210 registered members, including professionals, interns, technicians/ technologists and students in engineering related field. 


Since its establishment, the Chapter has been actively organizing events and activities to encourage and facilitate the study, discussion, networking, and exchange of ideas and information among the members on all points of interest for engineers.


The Chapter sets up two scholarships at University of Manitoba - Faculty of Engineering.

  • Chinese Members Chapter of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Scholarship.

    • Purpose: For an International students entering the faculty of Engineering via the Direct Entry option, who has achieved the highest admission average based on Pre-Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry.

    • Award Number : 16109

    • Value : $ 500​

  • IEEQ (Internationally-Educated Engineers Qualification)  Academic Excellent Prize. 

    • The scholarship is a joint effort of Chinese, Filipino, and India Members Chapter of EGM.

    • Purpose: For the graduating student in the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Engineering with the highest diploma grade point average. 

    • Award Number: 36127

    • Value : $ 500​


The Chapter will continue creating new opportunities to help the members build up skills, facilitate networking, and give back to the communities. This commitment will only be realized with the active involvement and generous support from our volunteers and sponsors. Anyone with engineering background is encouraged to become a member with the Chapter.


For more information, please feel free to contact the Chapter at egmchinesechapter@gmail.com